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Teacher, Healer,

Soul Coach

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I practise Holistic Coaching which predominantly involves Energy Psychology and Soul Guidance & Coaching amongst other techniques, including my own life experience and learning.

I practise from Somerset West, Cape Town and also work remotely.


Although my back ground is in finance I have always been interested in people and what makes us tick, as humans.

My journey as a coach started when I volunteered in a coaching role for 9 years and then towards the end of my 2nd marriage through my own circumstances of hitting rock bottom, I thankfully was recommended to a practitioner who used EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I totally fell in love with the technique and felt the benefit of the modality instantly - and within 2 weeks I was lucky enough to attend my first training course. By the end of the following year I had completed all 3 levels - that was in 2013/4 and in 2015 I qualified as a Matrix Re-imprinting practitioner.

While training my trainer commented on my natural ability to lead my practice client and the unique questioning style I had, I didn’t know exactly what he meant as I just felt or knew I had to ask certain things and could feel when we needed to take a different direction. I now realize that was my intuition guiding me and have since tapped into this spiritual side of me far more to the extent that now all my sessions are always source guided as I call in my team in spirit to guide every step of every session I give. Since doing this I have noticed that the shifts my clients are having are more profound, far more beautiful and really quite amazing.

I try keep my sessions light and bring humour in where possible as I firmly believe healing does not need to be hard and I have often been told I have a motherly energy and people feel as though they are been held by their mothers as they feel safe and secure during their sessions, yet I mean business and will push you when necessary so that you achieve the result you seek.

I believe it is my soul’s purpose to be on earth at this time, especially with what we are all currently dealing with and from having my Akashic records read, I know I have been a healer and teacher in many previous life times, in training for what is needed now.

The amount of joy, fulfilment and satisfaction I feel at the end of a day when I have had the privilege of making a difference for someone else is indescribable. 

I have written more about each modality I offer under sessions, if you want to find out more or discuss what you are dealing with please just fill in the "connect with me” section for your complimentary 30 minute chat.


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Shirley means business and in the soul expansion whoosha way that we all need at this time. So much unnecessary stuff that I was holding onto was released with so much joy, love and ease and even across past life experiences. The days that followed my sessions I had aha on aha until the trigger was completely lifted. What an amazing gift you have beautiful Shirley, may the world get to experience the gift that is YOU in bucket loads. My life started flowing after each session in ways that only divine Grace can describe in word. Immensely grateful for my sessions with you x definitely seeing you soon.

Debbie Lohrentz

Shirley is fantastic with the matrix & reimprinting coaching. she has helped me tremendously to fight back against all my insecurities and help boost my confidence personally and professionally.

Stephanie Sawyer

Shirley taught me such valuable techniques which have enabled me to create more.emotional balance in my life. I know that this is going to be one of many visits that I have with Shirley. Thank you.

Vanessa Anne Jones

I began my session with Shirley focusing on my problem of being very apprehensive of public speaking.

I felt completely supported by Shirley, totally able to express my feelings and fears in the safe environment and space she created and held for me.

Shirley gently, artfully, with grace and humour led me through the process and at the end of our hour together, my apprehension had vanished. A fabulous feeling.

Get in touch with Shirley and experience this ‘magic’ yourself

Niall Morton

Although Shirley is my sister, I found her to be professional and impartial and I, who thought I knew myself well, have changed for the better, after dealing with hidden lifelong issues that were so well buried I didn’t even know they were there.

I always thought I was coping well with the ups and downs of life, but with the encouragement to examine more closely the beliefs I had about myself, and my life, and where they originated from, I am a different person; even my colleagues and friends have remarked on the changes in me.

Shirley, knowing me as her sister all her life, has impressed me with her friendly and kind professionalism, and I am positive, if she can do that with someone she knows as her sister, what an impact and how beneficial she will be, helping people who she does not know.

This has been such a magical, interesting journey.

Maureen von Berg

When I had my first session with Shirley - not knowing what to expect and being slightly sceptical I was amazed at the results! A simple way to access deep emotions and create a lighter sense of being - the past doesn't feel so heavy, the present and future feel more relaxed and fun. highly recommend this process to anyone who has been struggling to deal with trauma and move forward with their lives.

Thanks so much Shirley!

Sally Wellbeloved

Shirley's sessions exceeded all my expectations! She helped me heal and grow far more than I expected when I started with her. I wish everyone could experience the freedom that comes from true peace and happiness.

Jolette Le Roux


Shirley is an angel who can give you clarity, emotional healing, and coping tools to use for those "crazy times" when you need it the most. I can vouch that her techniques are effective and powerful. Highly recommend her.

Celeste Ashton

At first I was skeptical about tapping, I had heard about it & read about it & then I met Shirley.

Before doing tapping, I thought all was ok in my life with an occasional hick up.

I have been with Shirley for the past 3 months, for weekly sessions, addressing many of my emotional issues, which I felt blocked me from living life more openly.

Well I must admit that the results of tapping have surpassed my expectations. WOW, from sitting at home for 10 years, yes 10 years, feeling sorry for myself & that life has done me bad after loosing my husband tragically; tapping has opened up a whole new world for me. My outlook on life, relationships, self-esteem & childhood issues which prevent me to live a more meaningful life. Today I am a new person, my children see the difference and I have unlocked the happiness in me……

Shirley, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being patient with all my issues, I never knew I had! I can see clearly now, the dark is gone & the obstacles removed from my path. I see in colour now, the rainbow. One may not understand this colour thing, but I am grateful for what you have done for me.

I have not described in detail my emotional state, but you & I know what has been addressed & eliminated, it’s just unbelievable what we suppress in the sub-conscious mind.

Thank You.


A few examples of client sessions

Client A had a sore shoulder – I asked her “who in your life makes you feel like you are being stabbed in the back?” She immediately gasped and mentioned a colleague that undermines her. This event once visited took us to the core issue of been accused of something she did not do as a 4 year old and she was powerless to defend herself because of a lack of vocabulary and life skills. 

She left the session feeling empowered and confident she could and would in future speak up for herself.

Client B met me over zoom for sessions; she had between 12 and 15 panic attacks a day. She only needed 2 sessions – in the first we reduced the intensity of the feelings and I gave her coping skills for when she saw an attack was on its way. In the second session we went back to when she was two and first felt the overwhelming feeling. 

Three weeks later she left to work overseas, panic attack free.

Client C had a session with me the night before her final exams – she could not concentrate and had a fear she would not remember a thing she had learnt. The next day she told me she sailed through the exam, thoroughly enjoyed the experience as she recalled effortlessly everything she had learnt and all she did was bring to mind the image we had visualized towards the end of her session.

 She passed with flying colours.

Client D came to see me with a fear of heights and the shortest route to where he lived involved him having to drive over a mountain pass. After connecting to his younger self at 6 years of age, who was trapped alone, at the highest point of a Ferris wheel that had jammed and changing how he dealt with the situation in real time – he bravely drove home over the pass and stopped at the top to proudly take a photograph as his fear of heights were no more.

Client E could not commit to a romantic relationship, we connected to a passed life, in which she was locked in a tower by her betrothed – it was the 16th century. She confirmed that the trapped feeling she felt then was the exact same feeling she was feeling in the present moment, she left the session feeling free and at peace.

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