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Do you feel you have a message for the world and have this burning desire from deep within you to share it yet bulk at the very idea of doing a video clip or speaking in public about it?

I am sure:-

It is not that you lack inspiration or that you do not know what you want to say.

In fact you may find that you are extremely passionate about your topic.......BUT...

You may be wondering or thinking about:-

How would you present it to have it land the way you want your message received.

How do you present your message so that it is punchy and grabs and holds everyone’s attention.

What do you do so that your audience wants more?.

How do you actually begin!

What can you do that is different that people remember you and you build a following or a demand to have speaking engagements – if that is what you want.

You may also find you start:-

Having doubts about your ability.

Questioning your confidence.

Having fears that you will be judged by what you speak about and how you present it.

Thinking that you are not good enough.

Wondering that you are not as brilliant as other speakers and presenters.

Thinking others could do it better.

Wondering if your message is even new perhaps people have heard it all before.

Not to mention all the other fears and stops from your past experiences like:- feeling light headed, sweating, your throat closing up, the need to escape as fast as you can and having one million bats taking off at once in your stomach, to name just a few.

So you don’t do anything about it and...

Although it feels safe to remain in your comfort zone – deep down you are left feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.

You feel disappointed with yourself and may even beat up and bad mouth yourself.

Overall you just start feeling less than.

So this on-line course is all about....

Dealing with those fears and doubts, some of them that have been suppressed since early childhood.

Teaching you some highly effective and fun ways to enroll your audience.

Helping you understand the importance of getting your audience or participants involved.

Giving you oodles of opportunities to practise what you are learning.

Giving you constructive feedback with huge dollops of love and support throughout the 3 weeks.

What you will receive is .....

A manual with all the work to be covered, will be emailed to you.

A closed facebook group where you can practise (yes on live video) to the group plus a place where you can ask any questions or concerns you may have. {Always a great idea to post your questions as others can learn from what you ask}

6 hours of classroom time from the comfort of your home

Constructive feedback and tips from me throughout the 3 weeks

An opportunity to join the Fall in Love with Presenting graduates group which is world wide

The opportunity to continue with the journey and do the full day 3 day course, an advance course and so much more

What can you expect?

You will start to appreciate yourself and others far more.

You will feel empowered.

Your fears will fall away and your self confidence will grow in leaps and bounds.

You will find your unique self expression and become really comfortable sharing the essence of who you are.

You will find that giving a talk is as effortless as sharing some exciting news over a good cup of coffee with your friend.

You will really start to enjoy being in front of a room and may even fall in love with presenting.

My invitation to you:

If you are serious about your message and what you have to offer the world (whatever that may look like for you) - then I suggest you register.

In Summary

There is only one of you in the world with the message you have for us.

Like most people you just need a helping hand.

You are unique and so is your message, so comparing yourself to others is of no use.

The solution to get you started is to join this 6 hour on line program


This program is designed for everyone!

Whether you give presentations for work, train people, give workshops, run retreats, host parent teacher events, teach, host small support groups, or ever need to talk to your partner, a bank manager, a contractor you have hired – yes in any situation you will find the use for your new found skills.

To register

Please send me an email to :  requesting the registration form and we will take it from there.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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