Presenting Skills



* using your own words to explain and describe your information instead of the common lingo and phrases that people like to throw around.

* telling real live stories that actually happened to you so that your audience finds it easy to relate to you and you have that emotional heart connection.

* using what’s happening in the room, or what someone has said to illustrate a point.

* having fun and stepping out your comfort zone from time to time.

* allowing yourself to be spontaneous and in the moment.


* be interested in what you have to say and pay attention.

* participate fully as they will be enrolled.

* enjoy the unexpected and be curious as to what you will come up with next.

* be impressed that you are able to use what’s been said and what’s happening in the room.

* deepen their connection with you that you are obviously interested in them, personally.

* enjoying what you have to say even if its a topic they are very familiar with.

* notice and appreciate the fact that you have put an effort into what you are saying instead of using worn out, very tired and over used phrasing.

* enjoy the energy and the different way that you present.

* remember the way you made them feel


Be original when you speak in front of people and you will

* have fun.

* surprise yourself and learn to trust yourself more than you have ever done before.

* find presenting becomes easier as you feed off the energy from the audience.

* not have to remember so much as you can use what is being said in the room.

* know without a doubt you have everyone’s complete attention.

* leave knowing you did a great job and have a reason to be proud of yourself.

It’s a no-brainer, don’t our think!?!


For an all-round fun, enjoyable and effective presentation, use:

* your own words and give a fresh slant to what you present.

* what’s going on in the room and make real connections.

* your own stories to hold everyone’s attention and interest.

* your adventurous side and have fun being spontaneous.


One of the 11 Keys to become a Master presenter.


I feel this is the most important key to speaking in front of a group of people because without passion what ever you say will lack oomph , will have little emotion (like excitement) and be flat with no energy and therefore cannot land well.

Imagine listening to someone who is just going through the motions departing their information, (however knowledgeable and skill full they may be) in a matter of fact manner – how inspired would you be to pay attention and would you eventually loose interest in the topic?

THE DOWNSIDE - For Your Listeners

* Your listeners may become bored out of their mind.

* They will probably allow their thoughts to wander off or like me they will start doodling on the side of the page in their note book.

* They may start gazing out of the window and get totally distracted, or get busy on their cell phones

* They then will not be able to answer questions or participate as they have no idea what is going on in the room – leaving you and them feeling awkward – or not! because they no longer care.

* They will more than likely not remember much of what you said and miss out on some valuable information.

* They may even think if was a big waste of their time and money! - if they had paid to attend the event.


* Speaking becomes a drain - all struggle and effort

* There will be little energy and active attention from your audience so you feel your are speaking into a vacuum

* Your presentation may just turn into you trying to get the facts right

* You trying to remember to emphasise the important parts and leave nothing out - basically just get it right!

* You will feel under pressure and stressed and I am sure you will not enjoy the experience at all.

* People will most likely not show up for future events where you are speaking.


* Someone who is passionate about their topic and loves what they do

* Someone who loves you and wants to inspire you to love what they are speaking about too

* Their energy will be uplifting

* They will be animated and alive.

* They will be authentic – you will hear the emotion in their voice

* They will be original and refreshing

* They will understand and know their subject so well that they will speak from their heart and have no need to refer to notes

* They will be interested in you and will make sure you get it.

* There will be a connection between you and the speaker.

* An invisible dance will take place as they effortlessly answer your questions and engage with you.

THE UPSIDE - For Your Listeners

* Their experience of you will be one of pure enjoyment

* They will actively listen to every word you say as they will be curious as to why the subject lights you up the way it does

* They will be inspired

* They will participate fully

* They will engage with you and give you their full attention

* They will learn and gain so much, so will leave feeling fully satisfied

* They will be surprised how time just flew by

* They may be disappointed its all over as they want more

* They will remember you for how terrific your presentation was and the way you made them feel

* They will want what you have


* You will have your audience’s full attention, co -operation and participation

* They will actively ask and answer questions – making it really easy to share your information without having to remember what comes next

* From their input your talk will evolve - they may ask you things that you did not even think of!

* There will be an energy in the room that you can feed off

* You will be sharing quite effortlessly the very thing you are passionate about!

* Time will just fly by for you

* You will really enjoy yourself

So for me, if you are not passionate about what you will be speaking about, rather let someone else do it and if there is no way out – find a way to get passionate about your subject.


* Without Passion you may loose your audience to boredom and lack of interested

* This more likely than not will drain you and put you under unnecessary stress and pressure

* There will be little participation from your audience and it will feel like hard work for you

* No one will enjoy the experience

* Time will drag

* You will be remembered for all the wrong reasons (Yikes)

* There will be a lost opportunity for you to get your message out and for your audience to learn from you


NO Passion = A drag for them and you.



Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa