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A life in flow seems effortless

I recently wrote about putting myself under pressure by following the advice and suggestions of others and comparing myself to other people.

Yes despite doing what I do, I too fall into the trap of being human from time to time. I like to think there are no mistakes in life. As every time I have recognized the trap I have fallen into I also see the amazing lessons to be learnt.

While judging myself that my spiritual gifts should be coming in faster. Or that I should be more advanced like the amazing healers that are around me and secretly envying them and their abilities; I totally sabotaged my creativity and flow of clients.

My energy was screaming to the world I am less than and totally inadequate!

So with the flow of clients drying up and my inability to create anything new and punchy I had even more reason to judge myself. No wonder I was looking outside of myself for help and that is where all the confusion came from and all the feelings of being stuck and lost. I guess on many levels I HAD lost myself – it’s pretty obvious I was trying to be like all the successful amazing people around me and that is not who I was! Besides for all I knew those successful people may not have been doing so well anyway, it’s just the way I perceived them – not necessarily even the truth!

I love a sign I saw outside a coffee shop once. It read something along the lines of ‘you cannot be me because I have already filled that position’.

Since going source and soul guided I have realized that those people have their unique gifts and soul purpose in life and I have mine. They will reach the people that need them and I will draw the people to me who need me and what I offer. We are all needed because we are all bringing something uniquely special that is needed to this world. We couldn’t all possibly do the same thing the same way as too much would be missing, who would then fill those voids?

It has been just 3 weeks of me going solo and I am thrilled to say, already so much has shifted, I am back in the flow as clients are connecting once more and creativity has returned. Plus the freedom of living a pressure free life is really priceless – it’s quite amazing how we put so much pressure on ourselves!

It is impossible to be of service and be creative in a positive way from a low vibrational state

The biggest shift for me is that I am far more confident in who I am now and what I offer the world. I feel I have received a spiritual upgrade and can only wonder maybe the lesson of feeling inadequate and stuck was all part of it – the ascension process of leaving the 3rd Dimension.

and the true style of the Universe I looked at Instagram and saw Amanda Ellis’s video of feeling the pressure and overwhelm of setting our standards so high trying so hard to be perfect. She said; “the ability you have to switching on is in direct relation to your ability to switching off” In other words having some down time is so important to re-charge our batteries.

She said she was going to spend the rest of the day with ”her dimmer switch on – as less is more”.

After all we cannot give from an empty cup

I hope this blog has helped if you have been feeling confused stuck or lost. Consider going within as your answers are all there. It is from within that you will find yourself and realize you were never lost in the first place

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