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Attracting a buyer for your Home

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

I have used the following practice when selling my home or when sourcing new tenants for a property I own.

Just like us your home has a spirit and a unique relationship with you whether you know it or not.

That word “home” represents so much to you both.

Your home is not just a pile of bricks and cement with a roof over it. It has been your safety and shelter for as long as you have lived in it.

It has kept you warm and safe during the winter and kept you cool and comfortable during the summer months. It has held you when you have been in pain and felt sick and it has been witness to all your celebrations and new experiences.

So for me when putting my home (not just a house) on the market for sale, I like to acknowledge my home for all it has meant to me and yes, I allow the tears to flow and the smiles to appear as I recall and name a few of the memories.

Receiving closure

I thank it and give it all my appreciation and love - and then I tell it why I am selling it, making sure to explain its nothing personal to the home itself.

Sometimes I have also asked if the house needs to say something to me as well. In these times I am quiet and just listen and feel with all my senses. It is a wonderful way to receive closure on the chapter of your life that is now ending at this address.

While doing the above I walk down the passage and into every room and allow my fingers to trail down the walls or stroke a door or a cupboard in a true caress and connection while saying my goodbyes.

Give permission

The next step is to give permission to the spirit of the home to find its new tenants or owners. The house knows who it wants to have living in its space, the kind of people it wants to protect and house; so to me it makes perfect sense to let the house find its new occupants.

That way the stress and worry of “I hope it sells quickly” has been removed, you get to step back and allow the process to happen.

Another thing most people do is clean vacuum dust so that house is spotless for viewing, adding more stress and strain and changing the atmosphere of the home for a potential buyer. They are looking for a home; one that feels lived in and loved. When they are viewing - if they are serious buyers they are picturing themselves in the kitchen at the stove, they are making a mental note of the size of the rooms and whether their furniture will fit into the spaces. If they are the type of person who is critical of your colour scheme, the way the cushions are on the couch and whether there are magazines on the coffee table – they are not your people.

A clean house can still be untidy

In fact once I had done the above exercise in a house I have sold. The estate agent phoned soon afterwards and said “Sorry Shirley, I have a potential buyer and they want to come look now on their way home from work – may we pop in, in 5 minutes?

I had a load of washing in the washing machine and the next pile on the floor. I was busing making a mess of cooking lasagna with the tomato sauce splashing on the stove and the pasta boiling over in a starchy burnt mess plus my daughters had run in from the pool and stripped off in the bathroom – their homework and school uniforms still on the bed!

The couple walked in stood in the mess of a kitchen and said “we will take it”. They loved the lived in chaos and feel of the house being a real normal home.

And that is the extreme way of selling a home!

I just know my house attracted those people then at that time, because that is what they needed to see and experience. If they were not supposed to see the house in that way they would have come at another time or not at all.

Another trick to bring a homely feeling to a house at any time is to after warming up your stove plates, rub vanilla essence over them so your home smells of baking.

I have also broken a lease on a flat I rented and asked the flat to find the next tenant and set me free.

I burnt incense, put on my favourite CD and sat down to read a book while I waited for the family to come view. They also took the flat immediately and were the only people that came to view!

Three steps

Give permission to your home, trust the timing and wait – you will be pleasantly surprised.

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