My tip for Grounding in wet weather

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

No I am not suggesting you visualize yourself sinking in mud and slush to ground yourself!

To be honest I sometimes struggle to ground myself, try as I may nothing seems to work – I think I try too hard on these days instead of just allowing (I am a bit of a control freak and like to make things work –sigh!) and then some days on the odd occasion it’s really very easy and effortless and I feel I can actually submerge myself completely under the earth – like I am hiding from everyone. I guess we all have our good and bad days at all things.

The other day was the 8th August with the Lions Gate opening and I just knew I needed to ground myself and because it had been raining the ground was waterlogged, plus I live in a flat so getting into nature is always tricky.

And that is when I saw my pot plant. “Aagh nature on my table” I thought. So I asked my pot plant if it would like to help me to ground, (getting permission is always a good idea including when you want to hug a tree) the reply was “yes sure”. I use kinesiology or sway testing for this type of chatting and so I set my intention to ground easily with the help of my plant.

I knelt down in front of Mr. Pot Plant and put my hands on either side of its leaves and after a short while I felt my self whoosh downwards into the earth. My whole body felt heavy and I honestly thought I had sunk downward and doubled over in a bent position – yet I was not. I was still in the perfectly straight line, kneeling on my knees and I noticed that my hands were tingling and had become very warm as well.

I actually felt gravity sucking me downwards like I was sinking into quick sand – or what I think sinking into quick sand would feel like.

Every time I look at my pot plant, I remember our shared experience and smile, plus now I can ground easily as often as I like. I think I should see if my other plants want to join me as well from time to time.

It was the most fabulous and powerful experience and so simple to do.

So that is my tip. I would love it if you tried this for yourself and then email me on with what your experience was like; I would love to hear all about it.

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