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Don't micro-manage the Universe when Manifesting

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Oh boy am I guilty of trying to micro-manage the Universe from time to time. I am able to relax, surrender and wait for 2 weeks or so and then my impatience steps in and I want to start meddling. Even though I know it doesn’t work.

My trainer used this analogy which I really like, as it is a typical thing I do. Say you want to bake a cake, you have a clear picture of the cake in your mind’s eye and you know how delicious it will taste once finished…..that we can call the vision or intention of what you are manifesting.

The next step is the doing part, we take all the ingredients and mush them all up in our mixing bowl, pour the mixture into the cake tins and pop it into the heated oven. It does not look like a cake, yet we trust it will be one in 45 minutes. That’s the surrender part, when we allow the universe to work out the how, because let’s face it it’s a bit like magic how we can mix milk egg flour etc. together and after the set time it’s now a cake!

But what do we do? At around 39 minutes we open the oven door - just checking - and what happens? The cold air rushes in and your cake’s height drops and doesn’t really recover leaving you with a flat cake. That is called micro-managing the cooking process – the part the Universe is in charge of.

Or let’s say you are at a restaurant, you order your meal from the waitron and trust it will turn up within a set amount of time. You can sit and look forward to the meal arriving you can even discuss it with the others at the table and get excited about having that first bite – but do you repeatedly re-order your food every time the waitron walks passed your table? No I didn’t think so.

The Universe works in Divine timing not our timing.

When we are manifesting something we need to know what we want (the meal you choose) then we need to do something (order it – have the intent) then we surrender and have faith, trusting that what we ordered will be brought to the table. It helps a whole lot when we can keep our vibrations up so that the Universe can match what we want with the way we feel, so imagining smelling and seeing your food being placed before you and tasting the first mouthful. It all helps will that excited anticipation, that will keep your vibration high.

Why then do we sometimes have to wait for longer than usual for what we want?

Sometimes we are not ready for what we have asked for, there is some healing that needs to be done from a past hurt or trauma, or we need to spiritually mature and expand who we are to receive the spiritual gifts we seek and the Universe knows we are not able to hold the vibrational energy your gift requires, as we are right now.

Sometimes when others are involved there is their personal choice and the space they are in, that influences the timing and just maybe they also need to heal and grow.

The Universe then has more to deal with to orchestrate what you have requested so it takes longer. Just know the Universe is working in the back ground all the time to bring us what we want. We really just need to trust, be patient and wait in eager anticipation for what you have asked for or something even better!

Why sell yourself short?

The universe knows how deserving you are and will fulfill your wishes in the perfect time in the perfect manner and always for your highest good.

Please contact me if you have any questions – I would love to hear from you.

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