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Releasing the Darkness within

I have always focused on the good and what feels positive to me. I try stay out of conversations that entertain the lower dense energy of negativity.

I have not listened to the news or read a newspaper for easily 9 -10 years and practice discernment in what I read or listen to on social media.

Then 3 weeks ago a good friend and healer, Debbie, was talking to me about being attacked by the darker side, from people that claim to be spiritual and even healers, who are not of the light. These people attach energetically to us and literally feed off our energy, blocking our flow in business and they can even make us physically sick.

The following week I had a reading with Jackie

who described an ex friend of mine, someone whom I had disconnected from once I saw she was pretending to be something she was not. She spoke using our kind of language, yet her actions were not a match. I was warned that this person was attempting to do an energy transfer and that she had already made attachments. Jackie recommended that I should go for healing and have the attachments physically removed. If you live in Cape Town I highly recommend you book a session with Heidi to work her amazing magic on you, to do this type of healing and so much more.

Then suddenly the itchy skin and odd sudden sharp pains I experienced made sense. The days my left shoulder just ached and felt sore for no reason - and slowly the puzzle pieces all started to fall together. I had in the past, naively thought that if I didn’t ponder and think of the dark side I would not attract it. I never even considered that people were watching me and befriending me with ulterior motives and that this is how the darker side operates!

Debbie who is also a gifted healer on so many levels ( then did a beautiful soul clearing healing session for us both as she too was experiencing the symptoms of someone trying to take her light. Three days later I went for the energy release session with Heidi.

It is important to tackle anything we are dealing with from the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels – so that we tackle our problems and issues on all levels.

The amazing thing for me is to realize that this ex friend was jealous of me, wants to be me and take what I have – quite a compliment as I used to compare myself to her and all the knowledge she seemed to have. Now I realize she “knew” loads of stuff without fully understanding and experiencing it! It was just information she picked up from the internet so that she could pretend.

The wakeup call for me is that we all need to continually protect ourselves and not just brush off these odd feelings and experiences.

As we move to the 5th Dimension, our new heaven on earth. our souls are having to make a choice as to the path we wish to take. Debbie was explaining that we as light workers, the fore runners for the light workers and the light warriors have gone through this experience in May because from June to November everyone else will be dealing with this at some level or other. We who have experienced this already and cleared it can now hold space for the rest of humanity with strength, understanding and compassion.

What we now need to do from June is to remain in calmness. Be the quiet inner calm at the centre of the storm. So take Epsom salt baths, Sceletium and Blue Lotus which can be obtained from Lize at These supplements will support us and assist us to reduce tension and anxiety

and help our nervous system to calm down and rest. We will then be far better equipped to hold the space for others as the rest of the world goes through their massive releasing of attachments, the old programming and ways of being.

Debbie warned me that many old memories of unpleasant things that I have lived through will come up for a final release. Instead of brushing these thoughts off, she encouraged me to stop and boldly declare that I am releasing all that is connected to that kind of feeling and behaviour from all levels and layers of me. Releasing not only from this life time but all other life times as well, clearing all the soul agreements, vows, promises, programming from my Akashic record and blue print so they really are no more. Then I fill up with the Highest Frequency of pure love and light for complete integration and just like in the sessions I give – I then give a colour and smell to the energy as I visualize it filling me up.

I also like to look at my own behaviour at this point and see where I have done exactly the same thing or similar to others, because we are all connected and all have our shadow sides. Briefly feeling the impact my words and actions have had on another – not to guilt trip myself, only to fully recognize and accept what I have done. I then ask for forgiveness from the people I have hurt, I also ask for forgiveness from the Universe, our creator and myself.

Listen here as well for more on the subject

I feel so blessed to have found my wonderful tribe of healers who share so generously with me and guide me so beautifully. I also love to listen to Amanda Ellis as she often says things in confirmation to what I have experienced or heard – which helps a whole lot as I then feel comforted with the realization that globally we are all in the same boat together.

I hope my resent experience has helped you. You are not alone on this journey so reach out – there are people who have the knowledge and experience that can assist you. You really do not have to do this alone and without support.

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