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Sometimes it’s Okay to do your own thing.

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

There are so many well-meaning people out there who honestly just want to help and assist us on this soul journey we are all on.

Yet the pressure to do things ‘right’ the way they are doing things and the projected reasons why I should follow their guidance had me feeling more and more inadequate to the extent I could not meditate, could not feel the presence of our creator and began to dread even trying. As it all felt like so much effort and very frustrating and disappointing when I could not achieve what I set out to achieve.

You see I was putting so much pressure on myself to achieve, to grow and experience what others were doing and achieving. I followed their recommendations by booking sessions for clearing and healing with various people and the experience left me feeling like I was being pulled in all directions and was falling short every time.

I just did not measure up! I felt pressurized to be someone I was not.

This is when I said STOP, just everyone STOP. I recognized my journey was not their journey and I was going to try a different approach and allow source and my soul to guide me.

So I un-followed a few groups on WhatsApp and Facebook and told the well-meaning people I would contact them when and if I needed their guidance.

I then went back to basics, asking source for support and to guide me and to help me to remain open to hear the prompts and messages it and my soul is always giving. I played with and strengthen this connection by checking in continually throughout the day by asking “what’s for lunch, eggs or fish?” and listening for the answer. If I go for a walk should it be on the beach or at the park?

Once while out walking I spotted 3 tree stumps a little off into the distance, an ideal spot to sit and soak up nature, yet while I walked passed a tree trunk cut on a slant I was prompted to stop – I challenged this idea thinking ‘it won’t be comfortable sitting on an uneven surface the ones in the distance look better’. Yet again I got the message that I should stop right there, so I stopped (I call this ‘being obedient’) and there on the tree trunk I saw a lizard lazing in the sun. I had to smile because if I had not stopped I wouldn’t have seen the lizard. It was like a little surprise gift from the Universe.

I watched the lizard for quite a while and then later when walking again, I realized as I passed the 3 logs that I had already received what I had been wanting and did not need to sit there, after all...

I have written lists of these little surprise miracles that pop up, some of them are wonderful aha moments in meditation, while automatic writing or laugh out loud confirmation cards that I have pulled from my oracle decks. What this soul guided source guided way of doing things has made available to me is the freedom of sitting quietly when I am drawn to versus setting the alarm clock at some horrible early hour forcing my body to wake up before it is ready to; and then doing what I am drawn to do versus following some prescribed list to work through.

I have remembered that by surrendering and waiting for what I want to come to me versus chasing and forcing “making” things work and practicing this; everything has started to shift.

I kept this learning as a fun experiment, a game of sorts to see what would happen and was thrilled with the results.

You see the very energy of chasing after and forcing what we want, has that very thing we are after move further away.

Whereas relaxing, trusting, believing and waiting in a receiving surrendering manner has things come to me in the most delightful and surprising ways.

Believe me - it’s a far more fun and joyous way to experience life

Now that the pressure is off I find I connect to spirit effortlessly and I easily receive guidance and messages once again. It has me realize with renewed confidence that I am on the right path and that I am doing just fine and if I was meant to be growing at a faster pace I would be

I no longer put myself under pressure to be somewhere further along the line than I am.

I know without a doubt that I am not broken and do not need to be fixed and that I am getting the very best guidance possible for the highest good of my soul.

Please note I am not saying that these wonderfully gifted people are not needed. What I am saying is go soul guided as to when you need assistance, healing and guidance and know when you need a little time to integrate and just be.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact or email me on, I would love to hear from you.

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