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The waiting game

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Waiting for the next chapter of your life to unfold, the next project to work on or for inspiration to set in to write that blog (me), get that promotion, move into the dream home or meet the ideal partner or whatever it may be is super frustrating. We always want to be doing the next best thing and the time in between seem to take forever.

Yet this is your life,

This moment reading this blog is what is happening – this is how your life is unfolding. If you were meant to be doing something else, then you would be!

Let that sink in for a moment. Right here right now doing what you are doing is how your life is going. This morning and yesterday have gone, in fact the few precious moments when you started reading this blog has gone as well and tomorrow and the time when you have finished reading this blog has not yet arrived. All we have is now! And now! And now!

So we might as well be fully here 100% otherwise we cheat ourselves of this moment, this moment that we will never have again. Time is the most precious thing we have as moment by moment it passes and we will never get it back again, that is why it is called the present – it is a gift we give ourselves and others. Right now is when you get to experience yourself fully at this stage of your life and at this age (because yes, second by second we are getting older).

We are supposed to be human beings not human doings!

It is when we allow our minds to be still and aware, that we get the inspired inspiration of new thoughts, plans, solutions and answers to the things we have been grappling with. We may see something, hear something on the radio, observe something or have a thought pop into our mind that opens the flood gates of all the other thoughts that you have been waiting to receive.

And at other times we get no new insights or ideas and that’s okay as well, it is then that we are supposed to rest, recharge, heal, grow and integrate what we have learnt before the next

wonderful thing appears on our path.

Sometimes filling our cup with downtime is exactly what is required before we get to give and do again.

No one can give from an empty cup.

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