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Your name as a symbol

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

I recently attended an Akashic journey with the amazing Ronel and Lynn which proved to be extremely interesting and so I booked a private session with them which turned out to be hugely beneficial to me.

They explained that as a spirit we are recognized by the frequency we vibrate at

and that we do not have a name as such as the frequencies cannot be spelt. Instead we have a symbol that is unique to us and this symbol is what vibrates which allows us to be recognized.

They told us that we create our own symbol and it is placed on the cover of our Akashic records (which is a record of all our lifetimes, recording everything we experienced, achieved and said).

When we recognize someone in our soul family it is because their symbol will have an identical line, a squiggle or a dot just as our symbol does. Just like the feline family of tigers, lions, cats, cheetahs & leopards all have the same recognizable traits.

There are also symbols for things like “grounding, breathing, forgiveness, protection, fear etc.” and when working with these symbols and absorbing their frequencies – that is when the miracles show up and things begin to shift in remarkable ways.

My experience

of working with and absorbing my name frequency has been one of feeling centred, grounded, and confident. The feeling of I am at home with myself. I know who I am as a soul. I feel rooted and stronger than I have ever felt before. I am anchored into mother earth – I feel her support and protection and at the same time I feel guided and very much loved by the universe and all this meets in the middle in my solar plexus and I am safe.

What used to trouble me no longer does, I have a new level of acceptance and peace around what is. I recognize so clearly how everyone is on their own journey with their own soul frequency and like me, they are doing the best they can with what they have chosen to experience in this life time.

Lynn told me that I have done so much work in this life time and completed the karmic issues that I came to clear and knowing clearly what my purpose is and having the tools to assist me has me experience life in a far more playful, accepting and confident manner.

If what I have written interests or resonates with you, go ahead and send Lynn a WhatsApp on

+27 (76) 353-5282

Or listen to them here: there is a lot of content and they give the symbol for protection against your own negative emotions and the negative emotions projected on to us from the outside world.

Or ,which is on inner peace.

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