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Sessions Offered

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guided holistic coaching
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Guided Holistic Coaching

A little bit of everything goes a long way

The experiences we had while growing up shapes us to who we are today with our strengths, weaknesses and stumbling blocks....this psychological and emotional pattern can be unpacked and altered giving us a new view on life and how we experience it.

I also firmly believe in the Universal Laws and work with the Law of Attraction.......your beliefs create your thoughts, your thoughts create your actions and your actions create your reality.

As a holistic coach and on a more spiritual side, I recognise the value of you and you alone being responsible for the direction your life goes and for your unique life experiences.

I encourage you to keep a journal to track your discoveries, progress and thoughts, feelings and fears - even if only as a record to re-read and see how far you have come.

Fees:  @ R600 or a reasonable donation for +- 75 minutes

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Emotional Freedom Technique


Unlocking the unconscious mind

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is often referred to as tapping or energy psychology. This is because we tap on the meridian lines in your body, very much like an acupuncturist will use needles to stimulate your energy, we use our finger tips. Meridian lines carry energy around your body just like your blood vessels carry blood.

When we experience trauma whether big or small, it causes a block in our energy field which we end up calling our buttons; the reason why we are triggered. By releasing the block there will no longer be a button to be triggered.

The type of questioning we use is very much like psychology except we address your subconscious mind and focus on how what  you are dealing with feels like as a sensation versus headspace thinking about what it feels like as an emotion.

This technique works with our subconscious mind and takes all the guess work out of what could be the cause of your issue and reduces the amount of session you will require.

Using mainly visualization, we are able to transform the situation or the way you react to a situation in a far more positive way.

The bonus of having these sessions is that you will learn a very useful tool to use to help you reduce the intensity of an emotion at any time and in any space.

Fees:  @ R600 for +- 75 minutes

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Matrix Re-Imprinting

Matrix reimprint section

Transform traumatic events and emotions

Matrix re-imprinting is an advanced form of EFT that totally transforms the emotions and the way we remember a traumatic event in the time and space it occurred. This means we can reduce a traumatic or upsetting event into a memory of something that just happened with no emotional attachment to it at all.

This technique allows us to travel back in time and have a meaningful one on one conversation with the version of us that experienced the trauma, whether it was in this life time or a previous one.

Often times what we are experiencing now is something we have brought through with us from a previous life that is coming up for healing now.

In the video below, you will see an edited recording of a zoom session I did with a client. It demonstrates how this modality allows us to connect with a younger version of you and how the session flows.  My client, Debbie, kindly gave me permission to share her session……. thank you so much Debbie.

As our issues are dealt with and our triggers removed, people in our lives start reacting and responding to us differently………… because we are different.

Fees:  @ R600 for +- 75 minutes

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Soul Guidance & Coaching

soul guidance

Guided by Spirit to heal

These sessions take the form of a conversation and it really feels like we are just chatting. At some point I will have you close your eyes and relax while you listen to me drumming. I will then come back to you with a message from your soul which we will then chat about.


These sessions are like receiving a surprise gift and it is always exactly what you need to hear. Whether its confirmation of something you have decided on, a missing puzzle piece of something you need clarity on or something you are dealing with, the information is always spot on.

Fees:  @ R350 for +- 60 minutes

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Programs Offered

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Boundaries program
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The Boundaries Program

Learn to set healthy boundaries

Complete this online program and discover your self-worth and value as you are today.

Armed with this knowledge and with the tips on how to set boundaries, you will never again have to settle for less by accepting unacceptable behaviour from others.


The boundaries program consists of written exercises, visualization and recorded EFT sessions. 

We cover your beliefs and have exercises to transform them; there is a section on your personal standards, values and qualities.  We also work on defining your personal values and so much more!

It has been written from my own life experiences and the healing work I have done to master setting boundaries.

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